Launching the First Digital Club in Egypt – A partnership between “Gezira Sporting Club” and “Fawry”

In the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, a press conference was held on Monday 3rd December 2019 for signing a protocol of cooperation between “Fawry” and “Gezira Sporting Club” to become a digital club. Attended by Eng. Amr Jazzarin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gezira Sporting Club; Ashraf Sabri, CEO of Fawry and Eng. Mohamed Okasha, Managing Member of Fawry.
In the framework of the signing ceremony, Dr. Amr Talaat announced his support for the transformation of “Gezira Sporting Club” into a digital club in cooperation with Fawry Electronic Payment Company. In a step that marks the beginning of the transformation of Egyptian clubs into digital ones, so that the citizen can receive all his services through a smart digital system, whether through digital platforms or mobile applications.
Dr. Amr Talaat added: “We seek a Unified Smart Card Project through which the citizen can receive cash services, pensions or salaries through this card linked to a bank account. Within a period of no more than two years, there will be 20 million bank accounts linked to the smart card.
He praised the step taken by “Gezira” to become a digital society, saying that this is part of the transformation of the whole country into a smart society. As he added that what is happening in “Gezira Club” is a brick to turn most of sporting clubs in Egypt into digital clubs. He expressed the hope that all sporting clubs will follow suit.
Eng. Amr Jazzarin, Chairman of “Gezira Sporting Club” said: “Al Gezira’s transformation into a digital club will help control the financial resources of the club, will move the club to a qualitative leap through using one application to facilitate paying mechanisms of the club’s services over the mobile phone, pointing out that the application will contribute to providing good services to members.
He added: It is the first step of its kind, the partnership between the most prestigious Egyptian clubs “Gezira Sporting Club”, and “Fawry” the largest payment network in Egypt, for launching the first digital club in Egypt through mobile phone, as a start to put the Egyptian clubs on the map of the digital world.
And expressed the importance of this partnership saying: “Gezira Club agreement with Fawry aims to facilitate payment mechanisms for the club’s services through mobile application. And added that the application will contribute to enhance the social status and maintain the members’ comfort, as a complement to our excellence from other clubs.
For his part, Ashraf Sabri, CEO of Fawry said: Fawry is seeking to introduce sports clubs to the digital world and launch the services of “Fawry” in Al Gezira Sporting Club through the mobile application to facilitate the club members’ access to services and payments through this application.
He added: “through the application of Gezira Sporting Club, members will be able to renew their club membership, reserve playgrounds, pay the participation of sports schools and purchase all inputs within the club through mobile phone, in addition to collecting coupons and points through “Fawry”, plus enjoying more than 400 different services provided by the Fawry.

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