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Executive Management


CEO Fawry Microfinance

Levchenko is a seasoned banking manager with 18 years of experience in various business areas including SME,
agricultural and microfinance business development, retail, IT and operations optimization, risk management,
underwriting, credit control and recovery organization, finance and MIS, project management, digital finance
and scoring, and staff-development and trainings. Levchenko initially joined Fawry as a Risk and Operations
consultant in 2019, and now serves as the head of Fawry’s Microfinance subsidiary. Prior to joining Fawry,
Levchenko served as a Principal Banker at Germany-based banking and microfinance consultancy I.D. Inspiring
Development. Earlier in his career, he took on the roles of Retail Network Development Coordinator and Head
of Micro Clients at ProCredit Bank, ultimately capping off his tenure at the company as Energy Efficiency and
Agriculture Partnership Programs Coordinator. Levchenko holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics as well as Banking, Economics, Communications, and
Humanities certifications from ProCredit Academies in Germany and Macedonia.