“Fawry” Establishes a Specialized Company for Payment Solutions Concerning Consumer Goods Companies

“Fawry” Contracts with “BI Technologies” to Create a Non-Cash Community for Merchants
and Consumer Goods Companies

“Fawry” the leading company in e-payment solutions, has established “Fawry FMCG” for
consumer goods companies payment solutions and has provided an electronic platform services
aimed at creating a non-cash society “Digital” for merchants and consumer goods companies.
“Fawry FMCG” signed a partnership with “BI Technologies” company to link its “Sales Buzz”
application with “Fawry FMCG” platform.
Tamer Maher, Managing Member of BI Technologies, said: “Sales Buzz” app is one of the most
widely recognized applications in the Middle East. It is used by more than 30,000 sales
representatives in consumer goods companies in Egypt, most notable: Juhayna, Coca-Cola,
Chipsy, Domty, Pepsi, Henkel and hundreds more.
He added that one of the objectives of this partnership is to provide ordering products of
consumer goods companies by merchants electronically through the application, which
facilitates communications and regulate deals between consumer goods companies on the one
hand and merchants on the other.
For his part, Mohamed Okasha, the Managing Member of Fawry, said “The aim of the
partnership is to develop and provide expert solutions for consumer goods companies and
merchants. Fawry FMCG platform enables e-payments in various ways, including cash, credit
card or electronic bank portfolios; as well as other services that help merchants and consumer
goods companies increase their sales. The platform assists companies financing micro projects in
providing finance for merchants by studying the quantity of sales per merchant and his needs,
which facilitates decision making and the value of financing.
Fawry FMCG platform currently serves 96,000 Fawry merchants, hundreds of consumer goods
companies and the most prominent brands; including Coca-Cola, Juhayna, Beyti, Mars, Domty
and other well-known brands.

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