Charge Electric meter
Anytime, anywhere

شحن كارت الكهرباء
دفع فاتورة المياه
دفع فاتورة الغاز
دفع فاتورة الكهرباء

How to recharge electricity card easily with Fawry?

  • Empty your Card by inserting it in the electric Meter
  • Head to the nearest fawry merchant
  • Select the public facilities – then Select recharge prepaid electricity cards – then select the service provider
  • POS shall read the information of your prepaid electricity card , the least amount you can recharge with and any available indebtedness
  • Select the amount you want to pay ( minimum or more )
  • Confirm the payment , get your recharged card ready to use and a receipt with the amount paid from Fawry

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