Instant Discounts

  • Discounts upon card payment.
  • It is flexible, cost-efficient and innovative way to engage your consumers.


Allow credit cardholders to benefit from every purchase by splitting the transaction into fix and equal installments based on the default ranges of 3, 6, 9- and 12-months installment plans.

It can be offered in two ways:

  • via POS at store.
  • Via e-commerce websites through Fawrypay


  • Offering a distinctive integration and management service with various redemption channels.
  • Giving our clients points at their top favorite brands.
  • Providing Customer convenience and ensure a better experience.
  • Increasing customers loyalty and retention through engaging activities and programs.
  • Boosting disbursement pattern motivating them by earning and burning points.

How it works?

Upon successful purchase the bank locks customer’s credit limit at the full amount, and within 1 working day after receiving the daily reports from Fawry, the bank will convert the transaction into installment plan and only charges the customer the monthly payment with/without interest depends on program type.

Web Portal

Mobile Portal

redemption (POS)

E-commerce websites
through Fawry pay

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