Allow credit cardholders to benefit from every purchase by splitting the transaction into fix and equal installments based on the default ranges of 3, 6, 9- and 12-months installment plans.

It can be offered in two ways:

Via POS at store.

Via e-commerce websites
through Fawrypay


Instant Discount

Discounts upon card

It is flexible, cost-efficient
and innovative way to engage
your consumers.


  • Offering a distinctive integration and management service with various redemption channels.
  • Giving our clients points at their top favorite brands.
  • Providing Customer convenience and ensure better experience.
  • Increasing customers loyalty and retention through engaging activities and programs.
  • Boosting disbursement pattern motivating them by earning and burning points.

How it works?


Online (Web&App)

Mobile Portal


Offline batch upload

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