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Yellow Card

Our mission is to serve as innovation-driven

conduits of financial inclusion and technological empowerment.

A card that is suitable for your everyday needs!

A card that is suitable for your everyday needs!
Looking for a card that has it all? Your search is over!
With myfawry’s Yellow Card, customers can enjoy endless benefits that simplify their daily needs! Whether you’re settling bills, paying for groceries, or withdrawing money, Yellow Card is the perfect companion in your pocket that will always have your back!

myfawry Yellow Card is a prepaid card that is secure, efficient and the perfect budgeting tool to help you stick to your desired spending limit. Charge your card with the specific amount you want, enjoy boundless transactions, and stay informed when it comes to how much you’ve spent.

And applying for your card could not be easier!

How to apply for your myfawry Yellow Card:
Although you can easily apply for your myfawry Yellow Card at any FawryPlus branch, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your life easier! Now you can even apply for it online, from the comfort of your own home!
And here’s how:

Apply for
myfawry Yellow
Scan your
National ID
Scan your
National ID

Benefits of myfawry

Yellow Card:

per category

You can
lock your card
if it gets lost
or stolen.

Set a limit
for spending.

You can
add money to your card through myfawry app or any Fawry POS

You can
withdraw your Money from any ATM or Fawry POS

Instant refund

Get your
money back on the same day.

You can
recharge the card anytime and anywhere.

Shop online
without having to worry about theft or fraud.

You can
use the card to settle your bills and recharge your mobile phone data through MyFawry App or any FawryPlus.

Get your
money back on the same day.

Get your myfawry Yellow Card

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