Recharge and pay all your bills easily with FAWRY

Recharge and pay your bills with Fawry ashal

Recharge mobile balance

  • Select your mobile operator
  • Enter mobile number
  • Select recharge amount
  • Pay and receive your receipt from fawry

How to purchase a mobile prepaid card

  • Select your mobile operator
  • Select the recharging card value
  • Pay and receive your prepaid recharging card

Mobile bill Payment steps

  • Select your mobile operator
  • Enter mobile number
  • Total bill amount shall be displayed
  • Pay and receive your receipt from Fawry

Landline payment steps

  • Select Egypt telecom company , then select local Egypt telecom company to pay 3 month bills or international to pay monthly bills
  • Pay the chosen bill type’s total amount
  • Enter phone number after the governorate code
  • The landline owner name will be displayed and the bill amount
  • Pay and receive a receipt from Fawry

Internet bill payment steps

  • Select your internet service provider
  • select renew subscription to pay monthly subscription fees
  • Enter landline number after governorate code
  • The bill amount will appear
  • Pay and receive receipt from Fawry

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