“Renew your Car license in one step” through Fawry

Fawry, the leading online payment company in Egypt, has developed its services to meet citizen’s satisfaction. One of the main services that fawry developed is their “license renewal service” where this development came along with the collaboration of the traffic department to make it easier to reach and use. The “Car license renewal in one step” service includes car license renewal, fines, taxes, and compulsory insurance payments as well as conducting the delivery process of the license to the customer’s door step. All of this is done in a very short time and by the easiest mean possible.

Facilitating “Car license renewal in one step” service is part of Fawry’s long term plan to meet citizens’ needs and guarantee satisfaction. Through this service, citizens save time spent on renewing their car license especially that Fawry gives great attention to support its electronic payment services through the best systems to guarantee renewal process easiness and facilitation for both users and retailers.

The developed “Car license renewal in one step” service allows renewing car license, paying taxes, fines payment, the compulsory insurance and deliver the renewed license in 7 working days.

Citizens can use the service through fawry’s various platforms, either through fawry’s website www.myfawry.com in which they can pay using their credit cards, or by visiting Facebook page “ facebook.com/Fawry payments ” or by calling fawry’s customer service 16421 in which agents verify the data and send the payment code to the customer’s phone to complete the payment process through any retailer who has Fawry’s logo.

Fawry offers “Car license renewal in one step” service for the privately owned cars with less than 2030 CC. This service is valid in Cairo and Giza and soon it will be activated in the rest of the governorates.

It’s worth mentioning that Fawry started providing renewing the car license and the fines payment services in 2015, which is part of Fawry’s plan to create new payment methods in the Egyptian market, and also provides the latest technological methods to serve both consumers and service providers.

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