Ashraf Zaki


    Ashraf Zaki is the founder and managing partner of Lorax Capital Partners (LCP), a

    private equity management company created in 2015. Bringing more than 18 years of

    banking and finance experience to the table, Zaki led LCP to have $300 million under

    management allocated primarily from the Egyptian American Enterprise Fund


    Prior to LCP, Zaki also founded Goston Capital, a boutique investment bank between

    2010 and 2014. He was part of Morgan Stanley’s Telecom and technology investment

    banking team in New York and before that, he was an analyst at Bear Stearns. Zaki

    was also the Co-Head of investment banking at EFG-Hermes, during which he

    executed more than $6 billion of M&A transactions and another $6 billions of equity

    transactions outside of the region. With his long experience in the field, he was able to

    mastermind the growth of the business from less than $4 million to $75 million in


    Zaki holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Cairo University.

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