Fawry offers different payment methods and channels

We built our e-services platform from the ground up with the specific needs of multilingual emerging markets in mind. We support multiple payment channels, multiple payment methods, multiple billers, multiple languages and multiple platforms.

Naturally, robust security is at the heart of everything we do: Our technology and processes are in full compliance with PCI DSS standards and offer authentication, non-repudiation, data confidentiality and integrity, segregation of duties, and network security and physical security at all infrastructure levels.

Our solutions are built on world-class technology from IBM and Cisco, and our data center is ISO-certified, offering world-class end-to-end security.

We offer also payment methods, for businesses and governments alike, and cost-efficient solutions based on easy and painless integration, allowing your records to reflect real-time settlement of transactions, live access to your account through our gateway or, for those with legacy systems, the ability to export from our bill warehouse.

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